Logistics and customs

We know that a company reaches competitiveness thru production performance of their goods and services, and by means of the operations between processes; whether in the production, in the storage and logistical of stocks or deliveries.

In Airtransa carry more than 40 years of service to our customers, are a company referent in the integral process of management of commodities and have specific warehouses for all type of products:


Commodities of special volume


Dangerous Commodities or High special


High volumes of commodity in stock


Services of packaging, labelling, etc.


We facilitate to our customers the best solution for insurance their commodities, be in circulation or in warehouse, have of the most adaptative and adjusted formulas in the market.

Customs Agent

Airtransa provides to our customers the personalised advice form our customs agents helping them with customs formalities relative to the dispatchesexport and import dispatch of their products, transits, customs warehouse, partial dispatches, diets of active and passive improvements (*RPA/*RPP), services of pharmacy, veterinary, soivre, etc …