Transport of high-value products efficiently

Safety, precision and reliability are key aspects in this process to ensure that in the transport of high-value products products reach their destination in perfect conditions. Under the Airtransa Unlimitad programme, we have more than 40 years of experience in securities transport.


Ensure a perfect selection of packaging


Physical safety, handling products with specialised professionals


Working with the best logistics chain stakeholders

Fix sending values

Ensuring good service with sending securities does not depend on chance, as there is a very specific methodology behind it. From the choice of suitable packaging, to protect high-value products, to good work on the same products, through proper traceability of goods, it is important to have experienced professionals.

We are not only in charge of choosing the best materials and promoting the best routes or transport providers to ensure maximum safety. But beyond that, our high-value product transport services ensure a proper choice of insurance and compliance with all regulations.

Valuable freight transport: Forget All

The management of a company has its complexities, so it is a luxury not to have to make any moves in the transport of valuable goods. We’re in charge of choosing the best logistics companies, and we’re securing the whole chain of custody, so that you can move the goods without any kind of concern.

But despite this, we have open and transparent communication between all the parties involved in the process, so you can have constant information about the status of the load. You may forget… but you will be informed too!