We also transport the impossible

Because each business has different and complex needs we have a department for the transport of special goods with specific international regulations.

We are a company that have based our model of service on offering the maximum guarantees of satisfaction to our clients. The leading and most demanding companies in the country put their goods into our care because we are especially rigorous in delivering our compromise.

We hold an ISO9001:2008 quality certificate and an ISO14001:2004 environmental certificate. Through the use of an integrated system of management and with over 40 years of experience operating successfully in the transport and logistics of all types of goods we can guarantee our service to the highest level.

The prize obtained in 1997 for Business Quality of the Generalitat of Catalunya (Calidad Empresarial de la Generalitat de Catalunya) is proof of our track record. We are members of ATEIA-OLTRA, International Association of Transients of Barcelona and Organization for Logistics and Customs Representation. We are the Spanish partner company of LOG PARTNERS, the first international private network and member of IATA, International Air Transport Association.

We solve your problems

If there are no limits to the production of value added goods, how can we exceed the limits for their export however complex it may be?

  • Studying each case one by one and the situations that could arise
  • Managing the information in a clear, transparent and simple way and always in the service of the client
  • Making available to our clients all the necessary resources to fulfil our mission