Transport of alcoholic beverages and spirits

The transport of alcoholic beverages and spirits generally always requires maximum integrity and quality in the process. To talk about transporting this type of goods is to talk about a logistics operation that requires meticulous attention and expertise, and it is vital to choose suitable providers:


Compliance with regulations and necessary documentation


Temperature control in heated chambers


Transport resistant to all types of impacts and thermal insulation

Reliability in the transport of alcoholic beverages

With Airtransa Unilimited, you will have the luxury of avoiding all types of handling in these alcoholic beverage transport actions. Although you will be 100% informed of all processes and enjoy a 24h customer service, all the responsibility will lie with us. Informed always, but never worried!

As specialist providers with more than 40 years of experience, we take care of everything. We will select a suitable packaging, special to avoid blows in harmful loading or thermal fluctuations, but we will also perform all the documentary tasks. We will register the appropriate permits and documentation, such as import and export licences, to avoid legal problems in the transport of spirits.

Air and sea transport of wine and other substances

Bying the best means of transport is fundamental. We are opting for the air or sea transport of alcoholic beverages, it will always be with the focus placed in the same place. Maximize transferability, minimize to a minimum any risk of incidence, and optimize shipping times as much as possible.

By combining air transport of liquor for shorter routes and sea transport for long stretches, the integrity of products can be maintained. Each customer is different and each project has its own specific needs, so we will be 100% adapting to the specific demands