Transport of dangerous merchandise

In the context of Airtransa Unilimted, we are working with our customers on the transport of dangerous merchandise, whatever means of transport. With the utmost caution, experience and knowledge, we provide this essential service in the supply chain.


Integral protection of persons involved in the process


Maximum warranty with freight transport


Flexibility and adaptability to point demands

Guarantee in the transport of radioactive or polluting material

Airtransa has specialized operators provided it meets the demands of its customers in the transport of radioactive or polluting material. This ensures the fulfilment of all needs in handling and distribution, with the specialized Airtransa Unlimited service.

We have highly-capacity and experienced equipment in our hazardous freight company. When you have Airtransa, you will have a double guarantee. Let us ensure that we comply with all quality standards, keeping the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality System in all company procedures, as well as the maximum satisfaction of our customers. More than 40 years of experience are behind us.

Safely transporting explosive material

The management of the transport of dangerous merchandise from Airtransa has no margin for error. Years of satisfaction in our customers are a guarantee to our highly qualified professionals in the transport of explosive material.

Compliance with the highest standards, legal and service, makes us the option of trust for the transfer of explosive material. In this way, we guarantee maximum safety and quality throughout the process, studying each individual case, and managing the processes in a transparent and clear manner. It seeks guarantees in the transport of dangerous goods!