Guarantee in the transport of live animals

From the transfer of pets to farm animals, to endangered species, the transport of live animals is a service that requires specific experience and knowledge. The demands for animal safety and welfare in the sending of live animals, as well as compliance with all health guarantees, require experienced professionals.


Compliance with all specific regulations


Select of best containers


We control the temperature and environment for animals

We accompany you in sending live materials

Under the Airtransa Unilimited programme, we are responsible for ensuring that live animal shipments reach their destination in the best possible conditions. In this regard, a good decision with the appropriate surfaces is essential, to provide sufficient space, ventilation and safety to prevent injury and stress.

In addition, the transport of live animals is subject to legal regulations and restrictions, from veterinary certificates to transport permits, through all sorts of declarations of compliance with local and international regulations. It trusts in comprehensive transport solutions so that you can forget 100% of this whole process.

Transport of animals with maximum safety

What is not known cannot be improved. In this regard, in order to optimise the transport of live animals, continuous monitoring of conditions is crucial, including constant monitoring of different aspects: temperature and humidity are key factors.

These points, together with planning routes that minimise travel time and minimise adverse conditions, are essential. Very long waiting times when we talk about the shipment of live animals is essential to avoid situations that threaten this safety in the movement. Trust professionals with more than 40 years of experience!