Ground transport

In Airtransa we work closely with our clients to offer them the best ground transport service available in the market. We are highly valued for our level of service in:


Flexibility and adaptability to requirements


Destinations and associated international agents


Multimodal management of integrated transport

International distribution

We are the member company in Spain of LOG PARTNERS, present in five continents through its international network of international transport agents with over 300 clients who have placed their trust in us due to our quality of service and management capability.

We offer an extensive structure capable of meeting the highest demands of our clients. Personalised attention, care in the information and the traceability are the assets most valued by our clients.

National distribution

We are aware that nowadays agility and movement of goods between delegations and production units is essential in business. This is the case at international level, but it is also the case at national level where the production chain is crucial for a greater precision in the operations and greater satisfaction for our clients.

Airtransa provides one of the most extensive and trustworthy national networks of ground transport both by regular or urgent service.

Our experience of more than 40 years is guarantee of our service and our customer satisfaction.